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Jumping out of a perfectly good plane

When I was 12, I told my mom I wanted to skydive. She made me promise that I would tell her after I sky-dived, not before. So mom, consider that promise kept..

For our first post-Antarctic activity, Anne and I went skydiving in Queenstown. I thought I would be nervous leading up to the jump, but I stayed remarkably calm. I enjoyed to plane ride up to altitude (15,000 ft), which had amazing views of Queenstown and the surrounding mountains. I joked around with my tandem partner, Andre. I made fun of Anne. Everything was calm, until the moment I jumped out of the plane.

We’re told before the jump that we need to be a banana, not a pineapple. This means thrusting your hips forward and pulling your legs back. As I was hanging out of the plane, I thought to myself “be the banana, be tha banana.” But the moment we dropped out, blank. It must have only been a second or two, but I completely missed the that, as you can see in the pictures and video. But we very quickly hit terminal velocity, which is approximately 200 km/h. At that point, all panic stopped and the ride down was exhilarating.

So it turns out I get terrible motion sickness being on an parachute, floating on the way down. When I hit the ground, I felt like throwing up. Sorry Anne, I totally missed your high five. Regardless, the thrill was worth the hour long dizziness. What a rush.

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